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Runa Arts American Indian Flutes

Runa Arts has a collection of Many different flutes. Both North and South American Native style flutes. All flutes are handmade by fine craftsman using different kinds of woods, especially aromatic red cedar.

We do take custom orders for five or six hole flutes North American style only. Just give enough time to prepare.



Runarts Flutes Utah


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Runa Arts

Model: Kena1

Kena Concert Flute

Key of G

15.5 inches long

Price $65.



Model: DHF2

G Flute

7/8 inch bore

key of G

21.5 inches long

Price: $175.00



Model: JREF1

G Flute

Key of G

25 inches long

Price: 175.00



Double Drone Flute

Key of F Sharp

20 inches long

Price $195.







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