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All of our Indian flutes are handmade! Fine crafstmanship, sacred cedar wood, and passion are the three key ingrediants essential in producing a quality flute. (Also see American Indian Music CDs)



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Model: DHBF

The Bear flute is a 1" bore in the key of F sharp 26inchesĀ  long SOLD

Price $195. FREE SHIPPING!



Model: DHFBS

The Buffalo is a 7/8 bore in the key of G 22 inches long SOLD

Price: $195.00 Free Shipping!




Model: DHFE

The Eagle flute (eagle) is 1"1/4 bore in the key of "D" 27 inches long

Price: 195.00 Free Shipping!



$150.00 Pine Key of A Flute17.5 inches long

Pine Key of A



195.00 Double Drone F sharp 20inches long

Double Drone F sharp


HS105C Fsharp 25 inches long Aromatic Cedar


Golden Eagle Fsharp


HS109CD Condor Bass Key of D 25.5 inche long Aromatic Cedar SOLD



HS114B Krestel Key of High D 15inches long Maple




$130.00 Plain Key of B Flute 19.5 inches long

(Plain) Key of B


DHPF Pocket Flute Key of G 12 inches long

$35.00 Sold Out



Model: DFHT

The Turtle flute is 1"3/16 bore in the key of "E" 00 22inches long SOLD

Price: $195.00 Free Shipping!



All flutes area affected by moisture and temperature where they are played.  Like concert pianos that have to be tuned before concerts  because of temperature etc.,  a flute may be tuned lets say at a 72 degree temperature and plays great at that temperature, but send the same flute to Hawaii or Alaska and it will be out of tune.  Understanding wooden flutes that if you play outdoors and then indoors it will sound different-- even out of tune.

Another challenge with all Native American Flutes is the moisture built up under the block and the flute body, they don't have spit values, so you will need to take the block off and wipe it out and put it back on, moisture will always build up in any wind instrument.

Runa Arts, sells many different Indian flutes all over the world, but the ones we represent are carefully inspected before they are sold.  Our flutes are precision gun drilled for a perfect sound, no lips or leaks in the glue lines etc.  Most all of our flutes are made from Cedar wood.  


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