Runa Pacha "Indian World" has been sharing their great music to the public for more than a decade. Having participated and been accepted with audiences of all ages, Runa Pacha keeps its efforts to constantly come up with new ways of doing music and share with the people. In the culture where they come from, music is in their blood, and as part of it they bring a musical expression which is unique and individual. The message that Runa Pacha tries to send to the world is the message of "Unity, Peace, Harmony and Love........ Because these are the elements that the mother earth hopes for each of us to feel it and live with it. The Southern and Northern native wind pipes and flutes combined with a variety of string instruments and modern electronic effects, creates a unique sound. A sound that will take you to a complete stage of relaxation. And that is what Runa Pacha is trying to share with all the people.....


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